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Musclebound Justin Watson Is Gonna Make You Drool

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Photographer Andrew Hammon is the lucky man getting the chance to spend some time with musclebound hunk Justin Watson for this sexy shoot, showing off that incredibly body for DNA Magazine.

I’m gonna say a few things here that I’ve said a couple of times before… first, this is the kind of hunk I see working out at the gym and instantly feel both turned on and inadequate. Second, I don’t usually like the very familiar beach shoots, but in this case I’m willing to overlook it. Third, I wouldn’t be kicking this guy out of my bed if he happened to find himself in it, even though he could probably damage me – in some pretty great ways 🙂

He’s incredible. He’s so handsome, but that body is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen this week. That means a lot considering I just watched a video of a dog repeatedly sledding down a snow-covered hill, taking his sled back up to the top to do it all again (seriously, go and look for it).

As you can probably predict, he’s a competitive muscle hunk, he shows off that body on stage and no doubt wins awards for it too. I can say there would be some other things he could win awards for in my bedroom!

Enjoy, and have a glorious Friday. Yay! Friday!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+20 rating, 32 votes)
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  1. billygardener19 says:

    absolutely drooling…perfect specimen! Clean…..DNA magazine finds the best guys….no one looks like they’re scraped from the streets.

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