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You’d Love To Play Doctor With Muscled Hunk Zack Lemec

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I know what you’re thinking… you probably wish the Maskurbate site wasn’t coming up with these bizarre themes and stories for their videos, or that they’d at least do it a little more subtly than they have been.

Then again, I’m not sure guys care all that much about the theme and the story when we have men like Zack Lemec getting their big uncut cock out and shooting some cream for the lads.

He’s one of my fave guys on the site and I’ve enjoyed pretty much every video he’s been in. And, I have to admit, the though of “playing doctor” with this guy is pretty damn horny too.

But, the whole “penile implant surgery” theme they’re going for in this video is totally lost on me, I don’t think it’s horny at all, and in fact if you think about it a little too much it’s likely to be a turn off!

It’s all saved by the sight of handsome and buff Zack getting his big uncut cock out and putting on an amazing show. He does look so stunning, and that dick is gorgeous.

Check him out enjoying himself and click through for the full video. Despite the themes they’ve been going with on the site their guys are still so damn hot to watch!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+3 rating, 17 votes)
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