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I’m In Lust With Hung And Uncut Hunk Kaloyan Kolev

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When it comes to having the full package, I think Kaloyan Kolev definitely qualifies.

Someone sent me some pics in an email this morning and I know very little about the guy, but I had to share him with you as soon as possible.

First of all, can I just talk about those eyes for one second? I know you’re probably distracted by everything else, but just take a moment to really appreciate those amazing blue sparkling eyes and appreciate how incredible they are.

Okay, now you’ve done that, we can talk about the rest of him, and there’s a lot to discuss!

Obviously, he’s a handsome man, but not aggressively, if that makes sense. He could look pretty mean if he wanted to, but those eyes really soften him.

He has an incredible body, something to really be proud of and show off.

And, finally, he has an incredible cock. Let’s be honest, even if you’re not into big dicks you have to confess that his thick and meaty uncut dick is amazing and we would all love to experience that in person!

After seeing these photos you can bet I’m gonna be looking for more of him.

Leave a comment, hit that thumbs-up button, share him around out there with your friends and followers! Most importantly, have a gorgeous Sunday.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+22 rating, 28 votes)
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  1. JAY DENTON says:


  2. rjtopher says:

    Great Pics, but the first one – OMG its mesmerizing, could sit and stare at it for hours. Gives new meaning to the phrase, a beautiful man!

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