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Gorgeous Muscled Hunk Kirill Dowidoff For Maskulo!

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Just yesterday we saw some hot pics from the Maskulo brand of fetish gear, with guys showing a lot more off than you might expect from a company based in Siberia. I was a little surprised, I have to say. It was a hot collection, and when I went out looking for more from them I discovered that one of our fave hunks had appeared in some shots for them too.

Of course, I’m talking about gorgeous muscled hunk Kirill Dowidoff.

We’ve seen him on the Gay Body Blog plenty of times in the past and he never ceases to impress us. He’s so handsome, so masculine, so muscled and so sexually teasing that any time I see him in a photo I go looking for more.

I found more of him in this case, and it’s a great gathering of shots of the hunk showing off some of their kinky gear. We still want more of Kirill Dowidoff naked, though. Maybe we’ll get that while he’s working with them on some shoots like this?

I did make the comparison between them and CellBlock13 yesterday, but I think it was a little unfair. If they can get more of this amazing guy showing off their gear, and maybe get him naked again, I will be converted to their brand pretty easily lol

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+23 rating, 29 votes)
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