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The Amazing Pietro Boselli Is Wearing Too Many Clothes Again

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When will brands and photographers learn? When you have insanely gorgeous hunk Pietro Boselli in a shoot he needs to be wearing as little as possible. This should be a new international law.

Tom Schirmacher is the photographer doing his best to give us what we want, while also pleasing the brand and putting Pietro in their sporty gear. I get it, they need to advertise what they have, but surely they could have done that by leaving him in nothing but a pair of shorts, or with just a top and nothing below? lol

Come on, we all know that a shoot like that would have gone pretty much viral within hours of being released.

Well, I guess they succeeded in getting attention anyway, we’re enjoying it after all. Even though we long to see this amazing male model wearing as little as possible we’re not likely to pass up any opportunity to appreciate his handsome and hot goodness.

And can I just say that if this guy was a member of my gym I would be there every day and within six months I would be one of the buffest mo-fo’s you ever did see. 🙂

Enjoy the pics, imagine him naked, share the post, leave a comment… do all that lovely stuff you guys do so well.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+21 rating, 23 votes)
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2 Responses

  1. billygardener19 says:

    The man is also amazingly smart, and a really nice guy, to boot.

  2. Douglas McFarland says:

    I hope that he just keeps his body fit right where he’s at and not get too big and grotesque. He’s way too fine for that. Super smart and hot what a package.

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