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Footballer Aaron Ryker

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I’m not sure if he’s a former Football player, but Aaron Ryker is definitely succeeding in his game as a male model in this shoot by MiLo800.

I did a little checking and found out that this handsome and buff hunk is a Fitness model, a nutrition specialist, Nasm Sports Performance Specialist (whatever that is) and a Physique competitor too.

Why is it that so many men who work in gyms end up being male models too? I guess one thing leads to the other, especially when you have a handsome face to go with that buff body.

The setting for this shoot might be a little boring (you guys know how I feel about beach shoots lol), but it definitely shows him off pretty nicely. I don’t think we (I) can complain that much when we get to see a handsome and buff hunk like this guy showing off some muscle.

Although, we would all want to see a nude shoot with the guy too, right?

Who knows, there might be one out there. I think I’ll have to go and see what else I can find with this guy.

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+20 rating, 24 votes)
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