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Professional Footballer Turned Model Aitor Ocio

Why is it that so many Footballers also happen to be so damn sexy? I could go through a long list of soccer players who I think are stunning, but you guys probably know most of them anyway. I wasn’t aware of Spanish hunk Aitor Ocio before today, but now I know he exists in the world I think we’re...


Footballer & Reality TV Star Brandon Myers’ Cock Is Huge!

If you know anything about me you know that I’m crap when it comes to pop culture. Sorry guys, I just don’t get the fascination with shows like Big Brother and Ex on the Beach. I watched the first season of Big Brother back in the day, but soon the novelty wore off and I gave up caring. But, I...


Footballer Aaron Ryker

I’m not sure if he’s a former Football player, but Aaron Ryker is definitely succeeding in his game as a male model in this shoot by MiLo800. I did a little checking and found out that this handsome and buff hunk is a Fitness model, a nutrition specialist, Nasm Sports Performance Specialist (whatever that is) and a Physique competitor too....