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The Fine Bod Of Charles Gaget

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We saw the handsome and hunky Charles Gaget on the Gay Body Blog at the start of December, and I was quite impressed with him then. I guess I’m a little smitten with the guy, but when you see his fine physique in this shoot by Anthony Fournier I think you will probably agree that he’s worth paying some attention to!

Yes, it’s true that there’s not enough in this shoot to really satisfy any craving you or I might have for the guy (and I’m really talking about myself here, I admit) but I couldn’t not share these pics with you when I saw them.

He’s such a good looking guy, and his body is amazingly hot too. This is the kind of guy I could really go for, in more ways than one.

Be honest boys, would you kick this guy out of your bed if he fell into it? No, you wouldn’t, and I don’t care how many of you claim you would just to maintain some kind of attitude. You would be a dribbling wreck if you had the opportunity to be face to face with this guy – or any other body part.

See what I did there? Yes, you can let your imagination run with that mental image, in fact I encourage you to do so 😉

Charles Gaget 1

Charles Gaget 2

Charles Gaget 5

Charles Gaget 3

Charles Gaget 4


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