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Go Go Charles Gaget!

I don’t know if you’ll get the title, but I felt compelled to do it. For those who don’t understand, check out 80’s cartoon Inspector Gadget (did you have that in the US?) This guy is gorgeous. There, I said it. I know some of you might complain that there’s not a lot of him shirtless in this post, but...


The Fine Bod Of Charles Gaget

We saw the handsome and hunky Charles Gaget on the Gay Body Blog at the start of December, and I was quite impressed with him then. I guess I’m a little smitten with the guy, but when you see his fine physique in this shoot by Anthony Fournier I think you will probably agree that he’s worth paying some attention...


Hanging Out With Fit Dude Charles Gaget

You guys know we love to get a bit of international action on the Gay Body Blog from time to time, and while it might be true that the majority of hunky and hot male models seem to come from the US, there are a lot of very handsome and fit men out there from around the world and they...