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Is David Beckham’s Bulge Overrated?

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I was having coffee with a friend of mine today and, as usual, we got onto the subject of men. That usually means talking about some celebrity too. In this case it was David Beckham, and we started browsing the net for some pics when I found this collection for H&M.

I remember a while ago when he posed in that famous pic and there was lot of discussion about his bulge. But, I have to admit, I don’t get what the big deal is.

Most people agree that David Beckham is sexy, he’s handsome, and I very much doubt that many of us would be kicking him out of our beds if we happened to find him in it. But what is the big deal when it comes to his bulge? I really don’t think it’s that impressive.

I’ve seen plenty of bulges in my time, and when I see him in some pics like this, I imagine that they’re a little manipulated here and there. I agree that it seems he has some big balls in that package, but is it any more impressive than any other hot guy?

Enjoy the pics, he is sexy, and we probably all would – but let me know what you think about that famous bulge, and how it “measures up” to your reality and experiences.

Oh, and who else would like to slap him with a wet kipper and tell him to SMILE!? He has a gorgeous smile, and all these pics make him look so fucking miserable. It’s almost like they’re sating “buy our stuff, and be as unhappy as we made millionaire hunk David Beckham!”

Pics of hunk David Beckham in underwear for H&M (1)

Pics of hunk David Beckham in underwear for H&M (2)

Pics of hunk David Beckham in underwear for H&M (3)

Pics of hunk David Beckham in underwear for H&M (4)

Pics of hunk David Beckham in underwear for H&M (5)

Pics of hunk David Beckham in underwear for H&M (6)

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (-1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • Ryan

    God, I hope his bulge is everything it purports to be. I would be very disappointed if it wasn’t. (Not like I know Beckham personally, but I’d like to think that I could get a peek at it, say, if his car broke down outside the house and he needed to use the bathroom.)

    The tats and the buff bod certainly don’t hurt, either.

  • rob

    What bulge?

  • Conran

    Oh I agree entirely, if I had the opportunity I certainly wouldn’t pass it up!

  • Conran

    Now, to be fair there is a bulge there, but I have a feeling it’s mostly balls. Don’t get me wrong, I love a big pair of hanging nads, but if it’s all veg and no meat, that’s a little disappointing 😉

  • I love David`s looks and classy attitude, the tats don`t really add or subtract, but are just there. thanks for pics!

  • sammie

    Absolutely! Not only the bulge…the grafitti ink…and the swizzle-stick body. But ff given the opportunity, I certainly WOULD passi it up!

  • p-candotorg

    I guess he is a grower and not a shower like his wife :-)..Don’t care for men with tiny areolas. Wide areolas, do you have some? Please!

  • coin-collector

    I can see why the tats are there to distract from David’s ‘Little Dimes’.

  • My Ass

    I don’t get what it’s all about. I bought a pair and I don’t fit inside, it’s painful actually and I’m not that huge…

  • Dig

    He is man of man .of course. He is so beautiful and sexy that people do not like him to say any more new word.

  • My Ass

    Seriuosly? I wouldn’t want to have sex with him if he payed me…

  • Jon Malik

    Beckham is a proven sire.