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Gym Muscle Hunks

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I'll confess that it can take a little self discipline to get me to the gym as often I think I probably should go, but then I guess it depends what your motivations are, doesn't it? For example, one of my straight mates goes every day, but he goes because he loves it and he's becoming a strong man to compete professionally one day. That's all the motivation he seems to need.

Whereas I need a little more. I like the chance to check out other guys. For me the gym is as much about checking out the eye candy as it is about staying in shape, and when I saw this shoot for MIA Fitness Team "The Lab" out there I was most definitely inspired!

I see a few guys like this walking around the gym I go to, and they are most definitely an inspiration! Nothing gets the heart pounding (and other things pounding too lol) like a sweaty muscled hunk in some sexy shorts walking past you while you're working out ;)

I'm guessing these guys have figured out that some guys go to their gym to hook up, to check out the other hunks, to enjoy it on a more sexually-driven level. Surely that must be the main reason for having so many of their buff hunks all showing off together?

Man, I tell you, it worked for me! If I was in the area of this place I wouldn't be here writing this post, I would be there! lol

Gym Muscle Hunks (1)

Gym Muscle Hunks (2)

Gym Muscle Hunks (3)

Gym Muscle Hunks (4)

Gym Muscle Hunks (5)

Gym Muscle Hunks (6)

Gym Muscle Hunks (7)

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11 years ago

Are you on Instagram? On this one occasion I’d actually seen some of these pics because I follow the photographer Jorge Freire. Also featured prominently in this pic is the beautiful Darian Alvarez. Instagram is a fantastic way to find pics of models and just hot guys who love to show off their bods.