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Joey Hard Fucked By Cody Cummings

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I am the first one to admit that, while I find Cody Cummings immensely hot, I don’t like the fact that he’s always about getting his cock sucked and sliding into other guys butt’s, and that he rarely gives anything back. You know what I mean, right?

The guy is pretty much a gay-for-pay performer, even though he has claimed not to be entirely straight before. Sorry Cody, but unless you stroke guys, suck them off or let them fuck you, we’re not convinced! lol

But when I saw this video of the guys fucking the hot ass of young jock lad Joey Hard on the site I was actually pretty blown away by hot intense and hot it is. I’m not kidding guys, you really need to see the video to really get it because the pics just don’t show how intense the butt fuck is.

The best bit about this is seeing Joey Hard’s obvious surprise when Cody kisses him. You can tell he really wasn’t expecting that, and it’s pretty unusual to see Cody Cummings locking lips and swapping tongue with another dude in any of his videos.

I’ve added the preview video at the bottom of this one, simply because you need to see that to know how hot this one is. Check it out!

Joey Hard Fucked By Cody Cummings (1)

Joey Hard Fucked By Cody Cummings (2)

Joey Hard Fucked By Cody Cummings (3)

Joey Hard Fucked By Cody Cummings (4)

Joey Hard Fucked By Cody Cummings (5)

Joey Hard Fucked By Cody Cummings (6)

Joey Hard Fucked By Cody Cummings (7)

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  • Mike

    OMG, this trailer was HOT HOT HOT. Cody has always been on hot man, and this proves he sure knows how to use everything he has been given. Can’t wait to see the whole video!

  • Myron

    It looks fairly hot, but I don’t buy that there’s any actual penetration. And when has Cody ever fucked another guy? I haven’t seen it, but that may just be because I gave up on him a LONG time ago.

  • Boscoz

    I have seen the video, it’s a fake f*

  • Sam

    So HOT!…and Joey’s intensity is amazing. Still, gay for pay Cody is way past retirement for his own good. Thanks for the posting though…great site!

  • Marc

    So, Myron..u gave up too soon…cody fucks dudes all the time…hot. hot. hot. and, why do you think it is a fake Boscoz? looks real to me..would be stupid for it to be fake. And, finally, Sam…in my humble opinion Cody is exceedingly hot. There are lots of guys that barely look old enough to be in an adult film…kind of disgusting really. so, go watch those :-)…and leave cody to the rest of us. I have enjoyed watching Cody (albeit fairly slowly) warm to doing new stuff with guys. the progression has been hot…and he looks as awesome as ever. Lots of youngun’s out there…but not too many really hot real men….whether gay or gay for pay…it’s all hot.


    I think that Cody is aging very fast,he`s not so handsome now how he used to be.


    I agree it is fake.

  • Ryan Kelley

    I agree.

  • Just Say

    dude too old I’ve seen grandpas with skinny bony arms fucking boys and people still think it’s hot. Why? I have no clue and franklt it scares me

  • samspade

    if this video is real then why don’t they actually show the penetration? it’s bull shit. Cody may be hot but he’s not really gay for pay or anything for that matter. snore…

  • Ron


  • IvanJakenov

    FAKE. Totally fake penetration. He’s a whore who will do it with anything and selfish as hell.

  • seequest

    I don’t think Cody is fucking or getting fucked at all. Why all his porn with women they show the real penetration and on the porn he get fucked they never show. It seems they are pretending and everybody is buy it…

  • HonoluluJoe

    Aloha. I liked this fucker BUT he would’ve been a bigger star if he did show some real lust in his acting★