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Just How Hot Is Timo Nuñez?

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Okay guys, I don’t know what is up with the search function, but I know for a fact we’ve had handsome and buff Timo Nuñez on the Gay Body Blog before, and that you guys loved seeing him as much as I did. But, for some reason, he’s not appearing when I check.

Still, I think you guys are going to really love this post of sexy pics, and you’re gonna want more of him too.

I have to thank my good buddy Chris for sending me these photos in an email this morning. He obviously knows what I love to see and this was his way of wishing me a happy Friday (isn’t he sweet?)

This certainly made my morning. The guy is damn fine, looking amazing in this shoot by Marco Ovando.

He’s so handsome, and that body is just about perfect. No, actually, scratch that, it IS DEFINITELY perfect.

Although, he’s wearing a little too much in this shoot. We all want to see him in the buff right guys?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you guys think of Timo Nuñez in this shoot. And feel free to share this post all over the place and give your friends something to ogle, they’ll appreciate it 🙂

Have a fabtaculous Friday.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+10 rating, 20 votes)
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  • billygardener19

    Nice body, good and tight (and clean). Good, deep naval.

  • Douglas McFarland

    I think I like the butt underwear wedgie shot the best. I love a man with strong glutes. I’m a distance cyclist and have buns of steel and get many complements on my tiny waist and bubble butt.

  • What do you like to do with his naval?

  • 1tony165

    Naval lovers unite!! That’s a new one for me & I thought I’ve seen it all..no judgement