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Levi Poulter Shows His Perfect Package

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We’ve had some pics of the handsome stud Levi Poulter on the blog before and he’s always been very popular. I saw these shots just this morning and knew you would all love to see them. DNA is always good at getting some real sexually stimulating pics of their models for their underwear shoots, and these pics of Levi Poulter are some of the sexiest I have ever seen from a bulge perspective!

There is something that is obvious about Levi Poulter in these pics… the dude has a great package. But then if you’ve seen any of this hunks naked erotic work in the past you probably know that already!

Personally, I think he’s perfection personified. The guy is gorgeous, and his body is immense. Everything about this guy drips sex appeal whether he’s naked and hard and showing it all off or posing like this for some underwear shots.

Although this is a new shoot by David Vance, Levi Poulter actually looks a little younger than he did in previous photos. While I loved his more hairy and rugged look, I have to admit that he’s looking better here than I’ve ever seen him.

That doesn’t mean he should stay smooth – I would love to see some fur creeping across his sexy chest and snaking down into his underwear!

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 2 votes)
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  • tgf

    He has a complete bod! love it.


    He is HOT and Handsome — But I have seen “Perfect ” packages before — LIKE Quinn-Christopher-Jaxon.., Paul WAgner.., so on so on… BUT this guy Levi is a HOTTY

  • Anth

    Levi definitely is so gorgeous! I haven’t seen his works in a while and he definitely looks so great here! I agree that he’s looking better than I’ve ever seen as well!

  • jordy

    sadly this isn’t a new shoot as you state…these photos are a good 3 years old

  • Conran

    Oh well, at least it’s a good shoot. It’s a shame there doesn’t seem to be a lot of Levi around these days.

  • TonyC

    I’ve read several posts looking for Levi?? Just hope he’s ok!


  • Dave B

    These pictures were originally publishe in DNA at least three years ago.
    Two years ago Levi seemed to disappear. His personal site and facebook page was closed-down. He also signed-up with Menatplay to be the ‘face’ of their site, but failed to make a video.
    Would like to learn what has happened to Levi Poulter.

  • misohorni

    Made in heaven baby <3

  • Levi Groupie

    It’s so great to find true Levi Poulter fans like me still around! Even when the odds ar pretty slim that there will be anything new to see/share, we still peek! Bloggers posting previous photo shoots must miss him just as much. Think they’re just looking for some traffic? Levi can sure generate some traffic!

    For Dave B & Tony C
    Don’t worry about our boy, he’s gone to work in a more 9-5 kind of gig, then at the end of the day, he goes home to his very own special someone…..I think Levi’s found his happily ever after.