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Getting Wet With Benjamin Godfre

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Benjamin Godfre is one of our favorite men on the Gay Body Blog, and with good reason too. This handsome stud is world renowned for his appearances as a male model for some of the most stylish brands out there, but perhaps he’s even more famous amongst the gay community for his free and easy attitude to getting his wang out for a good airing too! lol

We’ve all seen him showing it all off, in erotic photo shoots and some accidentally identified jerk off cam videos where he forgot that he has a birthmark on his thigh. And for some reason that makes shoots like this one even sexier. Maybe it’s because we know what he’s not showing, and we can imagine the rest of the shoot as if he were showing it.

He’s playing in the sun for this one, getting himself all wet and sexy, and I know for a fact there are a lot of you who would love to be standing by with a towel to dry him off.

I wonder if they have anyone on set to do things like that? And I wonder – if there is – how one would go about becoming the “towel boy” lol

Gabe Ayala is the photographer putting Benjamin Godfre in such a hot and sexy shoot. And I think he’s done a great job of it too.

Getting Wet With Benjamin Godfre (1)

Getting Wet With Benjamin Godfre (2)

Getting Wet With Benjamin Godfre (3)

Getting Wet With Benjamin Godfre (4)

Getting Wet With Benjamin Godfre (5)

Getting Wet With Benjamin Godfre (6)

Getting Wet With Benjamin Godfre (7)

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+3 rating, 3 votes)
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  • Benjamin let me say you sometihing and please no get angry. I am a very fan yours,

    but i dont like that stay dressed. You look much better in underwear and of vcourse tototally naked , I gues i have all your fotos naked but never be sure. Pllease youa aare beautiful a spectaciular body AND MADE US ENJOY OF YOUR BODY.


  • TonyC

    Conran: I think you must have heard that Benj G signed some kind of cOntract with FalcOn Studios… so far it looks like solo j/o but I do know that Benj is very smart in the mOdeling business and knows what he’s getting into when signing that contract because all of a sudden his site stopped sending out emails and you has to pay to go behind ..I’ve seen this many times when people sign with FAlcon .. Now a multi billion industry, which includes Belami and many other studios. So I hope Benj had his lawyers by his side I have to say that Benj is.very open with his sexuality and never on his site did I see him have sex with a guy but still he’s very Gay friendly and that includes his brother. Both great guys working the industry. U would do it exactly the same way , if I was in his situation
    Tony(NYC )

  • Conran

    Hey Tony. I actually hadn’t heard about him signing up with Falcon. I know there have been rumours about Paddy O’Brian being signed up to a major gay studio in the US but I haven’t yet seen anyone “claim” him as their exclusive.
    I would definitely love to see Benjamin doing some hardcore work though! I know what you mean about him being gay-friendly, he really plays to the audience but doesn’t shy away from the fact that he’s straight.
    I’m actually not sure if I’d want to see him doing anything with another guy either, maybe that would shatter the image I have of him?

    Thanks for the info Tony, I’m going to have to go and look into this a little more. 😉

  • JAF

    Lately Benjamin seems to want to make us pay to enter his “Inner Sanctum” to see him “get his wang out.” He had been letting us see it for free. :-((

  • Conran

    Well, we all need to earn a living, right? I don’t think I would do it for free. But I think paying to see him doing it all is fine with me, especially now he’s working with Falcon too. I’m looking forward to it!

  • james

    If you like Gdofre and nudes and gay books and films look at Gay Artz.blogspot.com.es

  • james

    you can see him wanking on gayartz!

  • Jules

    Why did someone say BG was straught. See more of him a GayArtz.