Bulging Singlet Pics

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Okay guys, you know we have the Olympics coming up in London, and no doubt you've seen a lot of the really negative press about it too from the pathetic security blunders to the scary looking opening ceremony. But I'm not completely against it all despite the massive waste of money, the corruption brushed under the carpet and the failures of government ;)

I think this is mostly about the singlet and the bulges for us horny guys, am I right? I really don't care about much else, but the chance to see some really hot young hunks from all over the world in those tight little outfits with their teasing bulges on show is the most important thing for me.

I wonder if that's what makes wrestling so hot for us. We've had that discussion before, and although a lot of it is about the grappling and body contact, some of it has to be about the visible cock in those outfits too, right?

So it got me thinking about posting some more hot guys with sexy bulges in the lead up to the start of the Olympics. These are some of what I found. But please let me know what you think. Is it mostly about the bod and the cock, or is it more about the wrestlers grabbing and grappling on a mat?

And will you be watching the games and enjoying the men like I will be? lol

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11 years ago

I love these pics, the bulges are scorching, the bodies are muscular, the guys are handsome! I love the sports that show the muscles, and face and a little beef! The cyclers uniforms are not very revealing the swimmers bodysuits are a turnoff, but the divers and wrestler`s uniforms are hot! Speedos all the way! πŸ™‚