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Reader Recommended – It’s Eliad Cohen!

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Once again, we have a great suggestion from one of our regular readers, and this dude is one impressive muscle hunk with plenty of rough fur in all the right places! I love hearing from you guys and checking out the men who get your juices flowing, so when I clicked through to find some pics of Eliad Cohen I knew he was one to feature here.

I’ve been digging a little and can actually tell you some little factoids about the guy too…

Eliad Cohen is a model, actor and personal trainer (do gyms hire guys as they’re walking out of modeling agencies, or is it the other way around?)

He has an impressive muscular body, a real masculine look with all that fur, and a real talent in front of the camera. I think it’s pretty obvious when you see a guy like him who knows how to tease and tempt for a photographer, and lord knows we’ve seen a few gorgeous men standing like mannequins and offering no inspiration beyond what their body looks like. They may as well be standing in those body scanners at the airport for all the passion they put into a shoot! lol

Known for being a little controversial in some of his work, Eliad Cohen hails from Israel and doesn’t shy away from making political and religious statements either. His work with the gay community is well known, and it seems he doesn’t shy away from being who he is in any fashion.

Eliad Cohen Naked

Eliad Cohen - Muscled Hunk

Eliad Cohen - Hairy Muscle

Eliad Cohen - Hot and Furry

Eliad Cohen - Hot and Furry

Eliad Cohen - Underwear

Eliad Cohen - Gorgeous Muscled Model

Eliad Cohen

Eliad Cohen - Bulge

Eliad Cohen - Hunky Bear

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+7 rating, 7 votes)
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9 Responses

  1. P says:

    Wow, hot and hairy! 🙂

  2. DeltaOne says:

    Awesome to see Eliad featured here looking damn fine – thanks Conran :O)

  3. charlie says:

    Nice….Kyle Titinger and Ryan Guzman are cute ones too…………….Loving Cohen!!

  4. Conran says:

    You’re very welcome, the guy is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Conran says:

    I’ve taken a look around and I found Kyle Tiringer (with an r) is that the guy you mean? If so, he’s gorgeous! And a post is definitely on the way! 😉

  6. charlie says:

    Yes Tiringer…..sorry for not spelling it correctly…….the next one I suggest is me jajaja kidding…………by the way I am from HONDURAS and ever since I discovered this blog I AM HOCKED TO IT!!!! 🙂 so thnx for making my mornings really sexy before I go to work…….ur blog is a MUST before I leave the house 😉

  7. Conran says:

    It’s great to have another great follower here. We love our readers, and we’re definitely always interested in hearing what our guys want to see. I’m glad we start your day off! 😉

  8. José C. T. Cunha says:

    THE MOST INTERESTING SITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

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