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Patryk Kaczmarek – Cute AND Muscled!

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I have to let you into a little story here. I was actually planning to feature another hot guy here today, and I had everything sorted. I collected some really hot images of the young British guy, and I’d even planned what I was going to say about him. He’s a young, sporty hunk who’s done both adult and mainstream modeling work, and he actually had quite a bright future ahead of him.

Then, I discovered a story from another great gay blog (almost as great as us!) showing him to be a homophobic prick. Apparently he used some offensive insults in a request to remove images. Then he apologized in an effort to save his career, and a few other instances of on-line homophobic abuse by the model came to light too. it seems he’s been under a bit of a professional boycott since then, with both adult and mainstream modeling people seemingly refusing to work with him.

So, I was pissed, and really disappointed. I hate it when a really good looking guy turns out to be a total ass hat. But I’m glad I didn’t add his pics here!

But then I found the lovely and gorgeous young Patryk Kaczmarek, photographed by the awesome Julien Cozzolino, and everything was again right with the world! lol

This sexy Polish model has everything any of us could want in a dude. He’s so boyish and handsome, and that body is in complete contradiction to his facial appearance, don’t you think? What I mean is, if you just saw a portrait image you wouldn’t expect him to have the kind of tightly muscled body he has, would you?

I’m guessing he’s quite new to the modeling world, because finding any facts about this delicious guy is seemingly impossible. But be assured that if I do find more another post will be forthcoming!

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5 Responses

  1. Hennie says:

    my kind of boy. yum

  2. bill says:

    He is ONE HOT YOUNG GUY!!! I love the smooth body and underarms, that is a real turnon PLUS THE AMAZING MUSCULAR BODY

  3. Itasca says:

    Of couse, now we are all curious who is the guy you didn’t post. Yeah, I am sure some straight male models are uncomfortable with gay attention, but that is just part of the fame. Get used to it.

  4. Conran says:

    I really wanted to say his name, but without adding any pics of him I didn’t think it would be fair 😉
    And of course, I wouldn’t want to add to any publicity the guy might get. You know what they say, no such thing as bad publicity. Maybe there is a company, brand or photographer who would LOVE to work with a homophobic model? lol

  5. Ahmad Bays says:

    My Hot boy… Yuummmiii…..

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