Blond Hottie Jacob Sones

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I don't know why it is, but a lot of my gay friends have a thing for hot blond boys. Yeah, it might just be a stereotype thing, but when I saw these images of the handsome and slightly rugged looking Jacob Sones I had to admit that he had my attention!

For me, it really doesn't matter whether the dude is blond or not, I don't think I have a specific interest in minute details like that. It really is about attitude, general looks, originality and masculinity. I think you guys probably know that by now with all the different hunky men I've added here.

But Jacob Sones definitely has something.

He's a hot male model from Texas, signed to the Nous Models agency. It's actually hard to find a lot of info out there, but I think that's because he's only just starting out in the modeling world. He recently graduated from college and he has ambitions to enter the world of acting in the future too. I guess some modeling is a good way to get closer to that goal!

Deeply religious (not always a bad thing) and with a positive outlook, there's every chance he'll go far with a body like that and those handsome good looks. Who knows, perhaps in a couple of years we might be seeing this guy on the big screen too?

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 6 votes)
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12 years ago

OMG!!!! I`m in lust!!!!!!!!!

11 years ago

he’s my neighbor. Nice man.

10 months ago

Pound my tight ass baaby!