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More Of Cuban Hottie William Levy

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William Levy is one of those hot guys I think all of us can certainly appreciate. We’ve had a post featuring this hottie before, with some really sexy pics of the guy in various states of undress (though no nudes yet, unfortunately!) and when I found these pics of him I though it was time for an update!

These pics are by an as yet unknown photographer for a now defunct site, with the Cuban model and actor posing in some sexy underwear in a really hot set of pics. I really wish I knew who the photographer was for these pics, because the style is pretty impressive.

He has a really hot bod, kind of naturally built. He doesn’t look like the kind of guy who spends hours every week in the gym, but maybe prefers to spend his time just being sporty. I guess he’s a slightly controversial character in some respects, being involved in some messy relationships, fighting defamation and extortion through the courts, and converting to Catholicism a few years back. So, is he just another celebrity who seems to attract drama?

I don’t care about all of that, I just love these pics and think the guy is totally hot. I think a lot of you might feel the same way?

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  • vipul ravani

    u r so hot & sexy i went now about our body minden so lovely …………..
    i went be my friend in my facebook please………..:-)))))

  • scissor

    Wow. I guess you forget to mention that he features (shirtless!) in Jennifer Lopez’s music video for “I’m Into You”! Check it out!

  • Conran

    Ha ha, I knew about it, I was actually wondering if anyone would mention it. lol


    the 2 years I lived in Moami I had a Cuban fling… man o man…beauty beyond beauty

    but the NU YAWKER(ME) never saw eye to eye with him…but it was well worth it to put in my memoirs!! 🙂


  • LovelyWillow


  • SZ

    I like your triceps…..

    It amazes me…

  • jose

    He is one sexy man there is pics of him out there in see thrue underwear and sum butt pics to

  • jose

    he is one sexy man thre is sum pics of him in see thrue underwear and sum butt pics 2