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Luke Guldan – A Lot More Of!

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I saw that way back in June 2009 my friend Zack added some really hot pics of the gorgeous Luke Guldan, and I knew that there were some more out there, with the delicious muscle jock showing off his hot bod in some very sexy underwear. So I thought you guys might like to see a little more of the guy, considering that the old post got a bit of attention from you all 😉

Luke is one of those guys who combines professional bodybuilding with appearing in front of the camera as a muscled fitness model. He’s graced the pages of mens magazines, appeared in editorials and worked with some of our favorite photographers.

Clearly, he has everything it takes, just check out his handsome face and those incredible abs! I have to echo what Zack said in the last post that I’d love to know his regimen. I know you certainly don’t get like this from a part-time gym visits, and I’d be willing to put in a little more to end up with a hot body like his!

I think I might have to create a desktop theme featuring Luke – can you imagine any better motivation than seeing this awesome body every day?

Luke Guldan Luke Guldan Luke Guldan Luke Guldan Luke Guldan Luke Guldan Luke Guldan


Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+1 rating, 3 votes)
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  • Vance

    He’s absolutely amazingly good looking. His body and his eyes are stunning!

  • Judson Bento

    Handsome boy!
    Horny boy

  • Bill

    He is one perfect looking guy. Not much more to ask for….except maybe a slight bit of surgery on the navel….there’s something about a deep navel that adds to attractiveness…..but, wrap him up, anyway.