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Masculine Nude Jeremy Rowback

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Again, I have to say that confidence is sexy, and I think Jeremy Rowback has confidence by the bucket load. The guy is really handsome, but his body is just incredible! I think he would be suited to plenty of fitness and fashion work out there, given the right brands to work with, but I’m certainly appreciative of the nude work he does.

It seems Jeremy isn’t at all embarrassed about getting naked in a photo shoot, as you can tell from these awesome images below. My favorite has to be the semi hard shot, but my second is that T-shirt shot. Isn’t there something about a guy in shirt or t with his dick on show? I don’t know why but that’s hot! You know straight men say the same thing about pretty girls in mens shirts? Naked by for a shirt is just yummy for a lot of us lol

Anyway, check out these great shots of this 28 year old muscle hunk from New York, in all his naked and handsome glory. Again, he has some sexy hair going on there, and a little ink too. It’s great to see another really built muscled hunk who isn’t addicted to the razor. Leave it alone boys, only trim it and do a little tidying up very occasionally lol

I know, I’m drooling too.

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+5 rating, 5 votes)
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  • JAF

    Beautiful and not cock-shy: The perfect combination!

  • TonyC

    BODY IMAGE & HOW much energy almost everyone puts into just that!…..wow does this guy have a body image 😛


  • 这个好看,

  • I was breathless! he is the eye candy for my eyes!
    congratulations on professionalism!

  • Joe

    he would be 100% perfect with out the tattoos guys wake up tatts make you look like trash/garbage

  • Wow ! A real EYE CANDY !
    Would lov to lick him everywhere ! no limit !

  • Judson Bento

    Lovely boy! I like!!!
    angel face, male body

  • budster

    This is the finest guy I’ve seen in a while…love his big, thick legs and musculature! Woo-dreamy!

  • Florida33771

    What is his real name? He uses The name Derek Atlas in porn on Randy Blue