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Hugely Huge Pasi Schalen

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Okay, so I think this dude is gonna be a little controversial here. I know we all like some muscle on a dude, but when is it too much muscle? You probably know that I don’t normally like the hugely huge muscle guys. I know a few dudes who are aiming for a body like this and I just don’t get it. I love them the way they are at the moment, fit and ripped. Sometimes, I think getting to this kind of muscle mass becomes almost ridiculous. They’re like cartoon characters.

But, having said that, theres something about this guy that I really like, and I think if he offered me a ride on that bod I don’t think I’d turn him down! Yeah, I guess I am quite complex like that lol

The dudes name is Pasi Schalen, a multi-talented muscle god from Helsinki, Finland, but now lives in… wait for it… Los Angeles!

He’s really sporty, as you can see from a couple of pics here. He played Pro Ice Hockey for ten years and then appeared on Roller Jam/Roller Derby on the CBS network. Nope, I have no idea either.

Now, what would a guy like this do somewhere like LA? Yep, he’s now into acting and directing on a few interesting projects, so possibly expect to see more from this guy in the future. I can see him being in some stunt roles or something, maybe an action film or two alongside the likes of Vin Diesel maybe? It’s about time though right? We’ve been missing out on muscled action men for the last decade!

Pasi Schalen - Insane Bulges Pasi Schalen - Way Back When Pasi Schalen - The Geoge Michael Look Pasi Schalen - Sporty Older Jock Pasi Schalen - Ripped Pasi Schalen - Like a Statue Pasi Schalen - Huge Muscle Pasi Schalen - Hokey Pasi Schalen - Gigantic Muscle Pasi Schalen - Bodybuilder Pasi Schalen - Beach Pasi Schalen - 80's Style

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (-1 rating, 1 votes)
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  • He’s perfect the way he is. It’s people like Skye Woods who are “too much muscle,” and then again it’s because of the 20% fat. Pasi Schalen looks 100% meat. Perfect.

  • Brian


  • josh

    Gosh,he’s so early nineties …his look doesn’t really go with that much muscle..

  • Like him best in clothes

  • Conran

    Ha, yeah, I think you’re right. I wonder if there’s a connection there. I mean, look at some of the other big muscle guys out there and their fashion sense. I think Vin Diesel is the only one who actually looks reasonably fashionable. All the other guys seem to be stuck in a timewarp. lol

  • Conran

    Why do you think that though? Is just the size thing?
    I knew it would be a little controversial, but it’s fun to mix things up sometimes 🙂

  • chris

    needs legwork-too much upperbody.todays physique builders-better aesthetics-symetrical and vascular-Pasi-is not one of them.he needs to slim down.

  • tgf

    I`d never throw him out of bed, more like hug his huge muscles and sigh. 🙂

  • Mike

    I’d like a bit more muscle on him. His biceps are good, but would look so much better if they were filled out just a bit more. Also, imagine how much better he’d look if he added a few inches on his pecs. Still, he’s pretty drool-worthy!

  • muscledreamer

    this is NOT too much muscle..Perfect