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Californian Matt James Clifton – Yes, I Think I’m Moving!

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Okay, I've had it. I've just found yet another gorgeous young hunk who lives in California. I know there are a few places that are rumored to have a higher than average proportion of seriously handsome and hunky guys, but California has to be like the epicenter of all things male model related!

Anyway, I'll quit with my ranting on that and get to telling you a little about Mr. Matt James Clifton.

Australian born Matt, now 25, moved to the US a few years ago. He says he really loves the outdoors and seems to like adventure and experiences. Has anyone else noticed that about Australians? They're so extroverted and always want to be on the move, checking things out, seeing new places and meeting new people. I've met a few Australians over the years and they are always so nice and friendly and always "going somewhere" - usually another country to explore.

I wish I was like that. For me just walking to the gym can be a struggle. But I do have that sense that I want to go and see things. I just never seem to act upon it. Still, after seeing this hunk of youthful beauty I might just be taking a trip out to sunny California!

Are in-line skates a necessity? I think every ad campaign I've ever seen for tourism to the state involves some barely clothed young people skating along by a beach. lol

Matt James Clifton - Black and White Hunk Matt James Clifton - Kinky Boots Matt James Clifton - Very Arty Shot Matt James Clifton - Gorgeous Youth Matt James Clifton - Sexy Jock Body Matt James Clifton - Still with the flies Matt James Clifton - Check Your Flies Matt James Clifton - Muscle in the Sun

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