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The Milti-Talented Rusty Joiner

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I’m shocked that we haven’t featured this guy before. It seems a bit strange that we would have neglected one of the hottest and most globally known hunks, but it seems we have.

Rusty Joiner is an all-round talented guy, starting out in sport (and cheer leading) in college, then moving on to modeling after being discovered in Georgia. He was quickly snapped up by some of the biggest brands on the market, including A&F, Prada and Levi’s, to name just a few.

In 1997 his career really took off when he became the exclusive model and spokesman for Structure Underwear, delivering his awesome body to millions around the world throughout the campaign, making appearances on several of the major TV shows including E! The View and Entertainment Tonight.

But it didn’t end with modeling. Rusty Joiner somehow managed that difficult transition from model to actor almost seamlessly and seemingly effortlessly too, gaining some impressive roles in major films such as Dodgeball, Resident Evil: Extinction and Absolute Evil. Alongside these impressive opportunities, he’s also shared his acting talents in TV shows such as The Closer, CSI: Miami and Bones.

His gorgeous good looks, incredibly ripped body and great attitude to life have placed him in the dreams and fantasies of men and women around the world. And with a little look at these pics it’s no wonder. He is stunning!

Rusty Joiner - Ripped Body Rusty Joiner - Naked and Hairy Rusty Joiner - Sexy Muscled Model Rusty Joiner - Hot Torso Rusty Joiner - Hot Muscled Model Rusty Joiner - Hot Muscle Hunk Rusty Joiner - Hairy Treasure Trail Rusty Joiner - Gorgeous Male Model

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  • wildman4

    Wow!!!! he’s the hottest and sexiest man alive. By the way, he’s gay too. Like him even more because of that.

  • random

    he’s gay too?!!
    god no one ever guess, i guess.