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Ripped.Ripped.Ripped: Eddie Griffin

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So today I’m in love with Mr. Eddie Griffin. And I don’t care what anyone says about him. So bring on any criticism you can think of an I’ll just say “you’re wrong”. 🙂

This dude is the ultimate, the man of my dreams, the kind of guy I would swoon over in the middle of the street and need immediate resuscitation – just so I could chase after him.

No, I don’t know a whole lot about him, but I do believe you can see a lot in a guys eyes, and his eyes are so lovely I don’t think there could be anything about this guy that could possibly make me think twice about him.

He’s not only intensely hot and ripped, he’s a fitness trainer and a chef! You know they say that the way to a guys heart is his stomach? That’s pretty true in my case. I’m so useless with food I could boil my toast. But with a body like that, the skills to cook good food, and to then burn it off afterwards with an intense session (session of what?) he’s everything I could want wrapped up into a tight package of hot manliness.

He’s 40. And you know what I say about that? IN YOUR FACE to all those young guys who put “no guys over 30” in their profiles on dating and hook up sites, this is the kind of guy you’re missing out on! Imagine all the insanely hot men who have read that and immediately been turned off. Such a waste. But then again, all those young guys who do that are leaving all the super hot guys for others like me 🙂

Enjoy these pics, and remember that I don’t care if he’s not your type; you’re wrong. lol

Eddie Griffin - Goregous HunkEddie Griffin - Classic MuscleEddie Griffin - Handsome and Ripped Eddie Griffin - Ripped and Tight Muscle Body Eddie Griffin - Sexy Underwear Bulge Eddie Griffin - Naked Muscle Eddie Griffin - Nude

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