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Former State Football Player – Jed Hill

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What happens to former state Football stars when they get older and move on? Well, they could end up in a loveless marriage with their prom queen, with three kids, mild goals to get fit “one day” while driving around in a Prius and thinking they’re saving the world. Or they could go on to become the next big male model!

Guess which path hunky Jed Hill took?

You can tell from his physique that he has always been quite an athlete, but this professional fitness model has also added Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach to his list of skills since those days. What is a “wellness coach” anyway? Not that it matters, if they all look like him I definitely need one!

He really is a stunner, and so incredibly well built with a 46″ chest and a perfect 32″ waist – it’s the kind of body we all dream of isn’t it?

At only 26 years old (at the time of writing) he really has come a long way in such a short time, and I fully expect to be seeing a lot more of this hunk in the future. He’s perfectly suited to appearing for the litany of Men’s magazines – not those ones! Of course I mean the health and fitness mags which seem to be growing in number with each passing day.

With inspiration like Jed Hill, I can see why they would be!

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