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Bo “The Package” Roberts

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Bo Roberts, what can I say about Bo Roberts. What do I need to say that these images don’t already say for me?

Oh, I’ve added the “package” bit, he doesn’t call himself that (although maybe he should?)

This incredibly handsome guy is a versatile model involved in everything from fashion shoots and runway to fitness and even voice-over work. I love a guy with a sexy voice!

This 25 year old American model is pretty popular, appearing in print and on the catwalk. But how he got there is a bit remarkable when you consider the alternatives. He was actually a cage fighter; MMA. He was being repeatedly punched, kicked and gouged at when he was discovered after some images from a match were posted on line. And the person who posted them should be awarded some kind of medal for saving this hot guy from being all scarred and beaten to a pulp over the years!

You can tell he was a fighter though. That body doesn’t look too gym-trained; it’s the kind of lithe and muscularly athletic body built from being active (at least that’s my opinion). And I love that hairy chest too, just enough roughage!

And that brings me to… the bulge!

Isn’t that quite impressive? I mean I know some go all gaga about Beckham’s bulge in that ad, but this guy has far more going on in the crotch department.

Bo Roberts - Bulge!Bo Roberts - Hairy Bulge!Bo Roberts - No Bulge, but really cute!Bo Roberts - Bulge with outline!Bo Roberts - Brokeback Bulge!Bo Roberts - Muscles (and bulge?)Bo Roberts - Erm...       bulge.P.S. The word Bulge has now lost all meaning. lol

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