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The VPL Of Hunky Bo Roberts (7) 3

The VPL Of Hunky Bo Roberts

This is another one of those shoots where I almost don’t need to say anything at all, because as soon as you see them you know what I would be talking about. There are three things specifically that make this guy, and this shoot, really sexy… The first thing to mention is that Bo Roberts is gorgeous. He looks so much...

Bo Roberts 2

For Charlie – It’s Hunky Bo Roberts!

Ask, and ye shall receive! lol On a recent post, the lovely Charlie commented that we should add some more of Bo Roberts. We have actually had the hunk on here before in this post, paying specific attention to his delicious bulging package. But on a recent search on the net I found this collection of hot pics of the...

Bo Roberts - Bulge! 11

Bo “The Package” Roberts

Bo Roberts, what can I say about Bo Roberts. What do I need to say that these images don’t already say for me? Oh, I’ve added the “package” bit, he doesn’t call himself that (although maybe he should?) This incredibly handsome guy is a versatile model involved in everything from fashion shoots and runway to fitness and even voice-over work....