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Pornstar Patrick O’Brian – One Word… Incredible!

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Gay porn fans might recognise this newcomer from a certain British adult site. Well, after finding his feet he’s branched out and can now be seen in a solo shoot for RandyBlue. Patrick O’Brian is a straight guy, but he’s one of those straight guys who’s more than happy to have a whole gang of gay men drooling over him.

But why would you? Perhaps it’s his incredibly handsome face, or his hot tight body, or his big and meaty… but I’m going off track.

As his name might suggest, Patrick (also known as Paddy) hails from Ireland but currently lives in the UK. He works in landscaping, which is perhaps the root cause (geddit? Root… Ha, I kill me) of his tight athletic body. He hopped over the pond to the USA to shoot especially for RandyBlue. But I have to say, I hope he stays this side of the water! Although I’m not quite stalking him yet.

This guy is simply gorgeous, and we are so lucky to have him in the adult world ready to please and titillate. Lets just hope he follows trend and experiments a little.

Patrick O'Brian - GorgeousPatrick O'Brian - RevealingPatrick O'Brian - Sweaty MusclePatrick O'Brian - Hot and StickyPatrick O'Brian - Hairy Trail

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 2 votes)
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  • He’s Irish? Hot

  • karl of themyscira…the unbearable lightness of being Wonder Womans number one fan…

    Isn’t he totally gorgeous…I fucking love him. I hopee we get to see a qhole lot more of him.

  • Robert

    Not another “gay for pay” pornstar?

  • Conran

    You’re the first person I have ever seen to write a negative comment about Mr O’Brian! 🙂
    He’s not gay for pay yet either. He’s a straight guy appearing on film. When he gets it on with another dude, it’ll be a fair comment.
    Personally, I don’t mind having another Gay for Pay porn-star in the business if he looks like him!

  • Tom

    Perfect: lean, hairy, a glorious treasure trail, and eyes to drown in.. Thank you, God!

  • Tonyc

    I like him and agree that not yet ” gay for pay ” but that’s a matter of time and money.. My question is,where are the beautiful gay men out there ?? I find less and less doing porn, maybe for health reasons(afraid of contacting stds??…there are ways of having safe sex!!!) but you can still do solos!!

  • Conran

    @Tony – I think it might be due to demand. Lets face it gay guys have a fantasy about persuading a straight guy to try it. If there wasn’t a market for it, there probably wouldn’t be so many straight guys doing gay porn I guess.

  • king

    perfect hairy guy for me

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  • Hans Rampaul

    hey Patrick.

  • Jules1949

    I don’t know anything about his private life but he doesn’t mind being fucked. He should take elocution lessons and become an actor because his voice is very girly… If we like Paddy see more of him at GayArtz.blog. Section pornstars in crisis!