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More Of Hairy Muscle Hunk Patrick OBrien

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So, I know that this dude goes by several names, Paddy, Liam, O’Brian, O’Brien… Whatever his name is he is one of the hottest guys I think I’ve ever seen on a gay porn site. He’s actually appeared on a few, and we’ve featured him here on the Gay Body Blog a few times under his varied names.

I was back on the Randy Blue site this afternoon and I realized that I hadn’t added these pics from a hot shoot he did for the site while he was visiting there from the UK. He’s appeared in one video for the site, solo in the sauna, getting all hot and wet, and we’ve had those pics in this post back in Feb last year.

It goes without saying that when I found I hadn’t added these ones yet I knew they’d make an awesome nude post for you guys. Just think of it as something hot and horny to cheer you up on a dull Tuesday!

I had feared that he might be going mainstream when I saw him in a modeling shoot for some underwear a short time ago, but thankfully I think he’s one of those guys who’s mixing his adult work with the mainstream and doing it pretty well too.

Check out that bod, and that thick tool! If there was one porn guy I’d love to get it on with (in all honesty there are far too many to list lol) I would put Paddy O’Brien at the top of the list!

Naked Straight Guy Patrick O'Brien (1)

Naked Straight Guy Patrick O'Brien (2)

Naked Straight Guy Patrick O'Brien (3)

Naked Straight Guy Patrick O'Brien (4)

Naked Straight Guy Patrick O'Brien (5)

Naked Straight Guy Patrick O'Brien (6)

Naked Straight Guy Patrick O'Brien (7)

Naked Straight Guy Patrick O'Brien (8)

Naked Straight Guy Patrick O'Brien (9)

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+5 rating, 7 votes)
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  • fanpartick

    omg i love him

  • Ryan

    Um … yum. Anyone know where I can get his digits?

  • rjtopher

    one awesome package and the treasure trail is so perfect, it must be the result of trimming. he is so hot uffgH

  • Martin Els

    Patrick O’Brian – Hot Hot Hot

  • he reminds me of my first boyfriend. so cute and sexy and good shape


    Absolutely one of the sexiest hunks alive, would love to have him only for one looooooong session!!!!

  • 性感到家了

  • It’s like Adam Levine turned into a pornstar! WHOA.

  • robin

    Paddy O’Brien; this is what a real man looks like….gorgeous!!

  • David Fagan

    Ah, you wonderful Brits! Thank you for sharing Paddy with us over in the colonies. He yet claims UK as his home (of course) but he has signed an EXCLUSIVE contract with one of gay American porn’s biggest producers: Raging Stallion/Falcon Studios and has shot at least 2 dvds with the company (the first comes out Aug 2012). I just contacted him via his Twitter account and Paddy responded within the hour! What a generous man! We’re glad that generosity extends to his being serviced by and servicing several gay American porn stars. We welcome this sort of foreign relations anytime!

  • Conran

    I know what you mean about Paddy, he is one of my all-time favourite men to watch in action. I cannot wait to see what he’s been getting up to in the US! If it takes him going over there to get some cock in his mouth, then so be it! lol

  • nesk

    je si shpirt te hengsha te gjithin o zot .

  • lynn

    Just discovered this gorgeous hunk from a dvd he made recently.He has all it takes good looks, clear diction,competent acting ability and of course one of the most Adonis like torsos anywhere. Hope he does not stay away from UK too long!!

  • Conran

    I have to agree with you. He is one of the hottest guys in gay porn right now in my opinion. I can’t wait to see him doing a lot more in the future too.

  • Steve

    Look at the front end loader on that shaft – that dick was made for ass fucking!!!

    What a stunning helmet!!!

  • danny

    I imagine eating and tasting Patrick’s semen every night…
    The juices from that body must be delicious!

  • Jules1949

    He seems a nice friendlly guy… Pity he is cut… if you like foreskins look at GayArtz.blog!