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The muscle god: Ivan Scannell

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Sometimes I wonder if I can find a guy who has such a great body that I would be rendered speechless, well this week I feel like that is the case. Ivan Scannell is ridiculously beautiful, and has the most perfect muscularly toned body, in all the right places. Photographed by the legendary David Vance, Ivan is pretty close to perfection when it comes to the beauty of the male body, as you can get. Ivan has the most killer eyes, superb jawline, impecable midsection with abs that look like they were carved from stone, arms shaped with the perfect tone, I could go on. Ivan is not the biggest dude from the block but I think slimmer is better, and it works well in so many ways for Ivan. No wonder Ivan won Australia’s 2006 Mr. Supermodel, in fact I’m sure he could win it in a few more countries after seeing this photo shoot. Wow, disgustingly delicious!


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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+3 rating, 3 votes)
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  • Pete

    Is it “legal” to be that perfect?

  • bill

    I fully agree with you. He is so perfect. He photography so well. He’s tops on my list!

  • Joel Jorgensen

    Gentlemen, Ivan the Great has returned and is movng so beautifully among us! I want
    to know more about him and where he is and what he’s doing. Can you give us
    another spread of Ivan? Thanks so very much!

  • Jimmm

    Ooooooohhh… I like him! Smooth, yet veiny where it counts. i like him alot! You do spoil us, Zack!!!

  • Russ

    You are not the only one that is left speachless!
    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Ouw thats perfected……..had intresting.

  • Rodrigo

    Why never in your post Can we see the penises? I lobve your blog but is failing in this way

  • If you check out the ‘nude body’ tab on my blog, (http://www.gaybodyblog.com/), you will find what you’re looking for I think. There’s also the hardcore body for those who prefer the action.

  • Corve DaCosta

    I’d love a shoot like this

  • Steve

    What a beautiful man!

  • Pieter

    Oh my goodness…….. I… I…. can’t breath.. .. .. .. – ………………….

  • Lee Mariner

    The penis is not all that makes the man. It helps but it is not the only muscle in the body. Michalangelo’s “David” should be a good example of what makes the man.

  • sameer

    u r really hot . i love this pic

  • Ouw thats all images is perfected, i love its.

  • Pieter

    Drop dead gorgeous!!!

  • michael

    good nice. i like.

  • steve

    David Vance is a great photographer…I’m not in the profession, so forgive me for my following criticism. What were you thinking when you had him wear those black socks and shoes in that nude photo? Still he is a great, good looking man!

  • butt_totoy

    This man so handsome and very sexy. He melts my heart yet he makes me hard as well. Is this love?

  • narayanan

    WOW I love those abs they are steamy