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Arthur Sales by Greg Vaughan

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Meet Arthur Sales, photographed here by the talented Greg Vaughan. Arthur is certainly one work of ‘Art’, he’s got the most amazing body and all-American look that most boys (and girls) these days drool over. Sporting the classic Calvins, Arthur’s look is brings him through the classic and sporty, all the way to sexy and erotic. You can’t help be mesmerized by his photos, and want to see more of this classic beau. Delicious lips and mighty-tighty abs, Arthur is one delicious dish! Definitely if you were down already, this is something to raise you up today!


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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 2 votes)
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  • pete

    wow, what a body this guy has

  • dik

    Thats cool man,…intrested,sure.

  • tony C

    TURN AROUND..we want to see the back please


  • Rul

    I really love the gorgeous body..

  • Jack

    Fucking awesome look!

  • Corve


  • Lee Mariner

    Firm and fully packed.

  • BIG

    He’s cool!, have fun!………..

  • Shirtless Hunk Photos

    Gorgeous body and sizzling… Hope he could show more…

  • nice, first time here… this dude is ABSOLUTELY perfection. new wallpaper to say the least! now just tell me how to get me one like this for real! 🙂

  • Kenneth

    If only some of us had a clue or could have gotten the help to get on track to have such a nice body . My life time almost over and I have to cry internally because my body will not tone up like you guys here Every time I look at guys like you I say wow those men know how to be beautiful body wise hot and yes a day with one of you be like a day in heaven