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The fantasy of Dan Skinner

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Dan Skinner is a true talent. His photography by far is some of the best that captures the emotion of the setting. There are so many hidden innuendos within his photos that make them a pleasure to look at. I’ve featured Dan before on my blog, as he always captures the male body in a way that’s very real and at the same time complete fantasy. Dan’s influences in the fantasy come through often in his photos, and this is what defines his photography I think, and is what keeps me coming back for more! He goes places that perhaps we’ve all thought of but never have quite seen captured in a way that Dan can. I love his work and I know you will too, so I am sharing with you some more of his great work that captures the male body and male emotion in various fantastic settings. Absolutely delicious and decadent stuff!


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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+5 rating, 5 votes)
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  • Hem

    WOW! Thanks for the post. Beautiful!

  • huckel

    Nothing special: Photoshop, Photoshop and Photoshop and not very skilled

  • For me it’s the fantasy and the ideas that he’s captures that are amazing, all photographers use photoshop to alter or just touch up photos, you can be talented at it or poor at it and I like Dan for his creativity and uniqueness.

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  • Dennis

    Thanks for your comment Zack. I have made a correction.
    Keep up the good work – you’ve got an amazing blog

  • tony C

    I look at so many photographs posted on model sites , blogs and these are sexy, original….people are afraid to try new things and many copy one another, which gets very boring


  • elissar

    thanks 4ever verenice

  • d. leitch

    Dan Skinner is a tour de force of ingenious invention. His photoshopping skills are lightyears beyond anyone else and his photographers eye more original and innovative than anyone else around. But its his imagination that sets him apart from anything else that is being done because he simply and lovingly shows male love as an important and vital part of the universe. Looking at his work changes the way you look at everything else. It’s not just a picture. It’s art.

  • Maurice

    These pics are amazing. I particularly love the two photos of the models cuddling in bed, it just shows the beauty of love (sigh!!)

  • yes,,,,,all ploto its perfect also I like so much,hahaaaa

  • Jimmm

    Awwww… I love how these photos are completely adorable, yet sooooo sexy at the same time!

  • Love Dan Skinner’s work. First place I saw it was on AOM’s site. He delivers a sense of humor in some of his work that makes it interesting as well as a sensuality to rival even my other favorite photographer, Howard Roffman. Amazing work.

    Thanks for sharing these with us.

  • mrkacak68

    good game and creamy touch for both guy’s.

  • sean

    thanks for sharing, I really like the first one, so hot and stunning

  • pete

    I like photos that leave something to the imagination. Well done guys.

  • jj

    I love these ass~!

  • john

    The pictures was very handsome and wow very horny.


    really stunning
    good job dan

  • sayed

    these pictures are nice and beautiful

  • Lamort DeLioncourt

    Très beaux hommes. Merci pour le partage de ces
    photos avec nous. Très érotique

  • Joseph

    All great, especially the shots that convey affection as well as physical perfection. #9 is about the most beautiful photograph I have ever seen.