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Garbage Man turned Stunning Male Model: Jeff Tomsik

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What do you get when you put sexy into your everyday garbage man? You get Jeff Tomsik, that’s what. Jeff is a stunning and uber sexy male model from the a very little town in Ohio called the Grange. Quickly after going to an open casting call where he met legendary photographer Bruce Weber, Jeff was signed and starting work in a an industry that was ready for him. In fact his very first shot was the shot that ended up being featured on the Hollister bag that season. Jeff has a great body with deliciously nice arms and perhaps the perfect Abercrombie body. Love the midsection that’s nicely defined with bulges in all the right places. Jeff also has a killer smile so watch out, you might find yourself in love with these photos. You can check out an interview done with Jeff about how he became a model at the end of this post.


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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+2 rating, 2 votes)
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  • eddie lopez

    I am very happy for this young man to experience these things at his age is really an honor. O and he is very hot; he should do a full frontal for the male form. lol

  • sexy mans……..

  • Vance

    Looking at the progression from the latest to the video of Jeff Tomsik’s discovery, I would say that he’s sexy and modest, and a great counterpart to anyone’s original view of what a waste management team-member should look like. I’m very glad he wants to help others become successful too, it speaks of good character.

  • Sleek

    Great looking, and nice personality too.

  • What a great story, a great guy who seems very grounded.

  • Doc

    Jeff’s personality simple outshines his wonderful looks and awesome body, here is a man who just about will have anything he wants but is modest enough about himself that he only wishes the best of others.

  • Jimmm

    Wow! He’s rather yummy.. Especially the bum tease!

  • sensual massage

    Impressive and athletic body, just very sexy

  • Grahame

    What a Beautiful Young Man

  • Don Parker

    Jeff looks like he will go the top, He’s young, sexy, beautiful, one can one say, he’s got it all

  • Christ

    Oh my god realy good looking im wish got his

  • tgf

    Ohio boy? WOW!!!