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Roy Blakey And His Naked Men (1) 1

Roy Blakey And His Naked Men

I don’t know whether this a bit of a new phenomenon, but I’ve been seeing a lot more attention being paid to classic artists and photographers of the 70’s and 80’s recently, and plenty of sites talking about the bygone age of male eroticism. I guess a lot of you guys know about the Tom of Finland stamps going on...

Nude Male Photography by Roy Blakey (8) 2

Nude Men – Roy Blakey

Sometimes I see some shots that I want to keep forever. Sometimes I even see photography that actually makes me want to pick up a camera, put an ad in a paper and start welcoming models. Roy Blakey is one of those photographers who definitely inspires me! It has to be said though, that the 1970’s is not my decade....