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Holden Nowell 5

Holden Nowell

Here’s is one amazing find. Holden Nowell is a new face on the modeling scene, who has risen quickly to Major Model Management as a new and fresh face on the scene. He first appeared on the scene some months ago and his face quickly spread amongst the blogger world, as many could see he would become something special. He...

My Red Underwear 2

My Red Underwear

I love my red underwear. Underwear are funny things. You wear them everyday, most people don’t see them, but even though you won’t admit it you do pay attention to what underwear you’re wearing each day. We spend time picking them out, some of us even spend a fortune on them. Why do we do this when no one will...

Giant Chair 7

Giant Chair

What a great shot by the photographer, setting this hunky model against this amazing chair. The frame of this photo works so well and gives us so much to look at. Amazing bicep form and abdominal definition. This could not only be an ad C-IN2 underwear but also a posh city furniture store. Love it!

Todd Sanfield 5

Todd Sanfield

Todd Sanfield is yet an amazing model who has donned the covers of magazines like DNA magazine and Out magazine. He’s not only been modeling for a couple years now, but also has interests in practicing medicine. Talk about the whole package. Todd is adamant about watching what he eats, and I’m sure photographer Lewis Payton appreciates it because we...

Sexiest Halloween Costume: Grecco Roman Wrestler 0

Sexiest Halloween Costume: Grecco Roman Wrestler

It’s official, if you had to dress up for Halloween and your goal was to be the sexiest stud on the Halloween strip, your best bet is to as a Grecco Roman Wreslter. These photos are of Fritz Aanes, a Norwegian Olympic Grecco Roman wrestler, and a fine example of this sexy Halloween costume. Thanks to bigmak1969 for the idea!

All the Muscle you can Handle 1

All the Muscle you can Handle

To completely contrast yesterday’s post, this photo gives us a lot to look at, a lot of muscle that is. This muscle-bound model has amazing size in all the right places. A massive chest and bulging arms connect along the emerging veins of his shoulders. Top it off with the great perspective of the shot taken by the photographer, made...

Clean as Black and White 1

Clean as Black and White

This is a nice photo of some clean muscle on a clean-cut guy. His facial features are very model-esque and he is not too bulky. He would do well in most runway-type shows you can tell. Not to leave us uninterested, there is a hint of treasure-trail to keep an interested eye.

Halloween Photo Contest 0

Halloween Photo Contest

Halloween is coming, and I am looking for your sexiest Halloween costume photos! If you think you have a photo that depicts the sexiest male costume, submit your photo here and I will choose one lucky submission who will get the honor of being Friday’s Halloween post! So take photos, find photos, however, only the sexiest will survive. Check back...

American Eagle 1

American Eagle

This photo of CJ depicts a great muscular and well-formed body. The lighting in this shot really enhances his attributes, which is a great stomach, well-sculpted chest and beautiful v-shape. The Adonis section, or v-shape of a guy can be one of his most attractive parts. They act almost as a runway to the lower half and most sought-after pieces...

Couch Hard Body 2

Couch Hard Body

There’s nothing like lounging around in your underwear on the weekend. Perhaps watch some tv, curl up with a movie or even walk around and do some house work. Walking around in your underwear is not only liberating, but it’s damn sexy especially if you’re this guy.

Alexandre Slaverio 2

Alexandre Slaverio

Alexandre Slaviero, is a Brazilian actore who was born in Curitiba on December 26, 1983. He plays “Kiko” on the most famous teen TV show in Brazil, Malhação. During his spare time, he loves to read and listen to music. His favorite song is “Don’t Worry Be happy” by Bob McFerrin and he likes the band Legião Urbana. I’m sure...

Dandelion Beauty 1

Dandelion Beauty

This is a great photo of Andrei Vishnyakov. Back to nature and beautiful setting, it makes me feel like this is Adam from Adam and Eve. I don’t know the photographer of this photo is however, but I would like to see more of this set. Great face, great body, great photo.

Smiley and wet 2

Smiley and wet

I’ve always wondered what the guys in these ocean photos are thinking. I mean, the ocean is usually a cold place and by the looks of this photo, it doesn’t look like a tropical environment. Most models have to put on a look of pleasure and enjoyment in a photo like this and I tip my hat to all of...

Lito by Rick Day 2

Lito by Rick Day

Lito is a 21year old model who lives in Petaluma, near San Francisco. Rick Day who does some great work as you can tell from these sexy yet classy photos. Lito is also a photographer on the side but I bet enjoys posing for the camera just as much.

Dirty and Wet 0

Dirty and Wet

This photo depicts a cold, wet, and raw male scene full of testosterone. It could be a pick-up game of football, or even soccer. The guys appear beat up, tired and wet, all of which make this photo appealing to look at. Now all we need to see is the follow up shower shots..

Beautiful Face 2

Beautiful Face

What can I say about this photo, other than it is such a great shot of a beautiful face! Even Wilson has eyes that captivate and lighting that enhances eveything beautiful about this guy. The facial hair, chest hair, eyes, lips, it all works very very well. I am glad to have come across this great photo to pass along...