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Ripped Hottie Robert Barker Shows Off For Modus Vivendi

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Showing off the Indigo Line from Modus Vivendi, we have new up and coming male model Robert Barker, and I think a lot of you guys are gonna be wanting more of this handsome and ripped hunk after seeing him in his bulging undies.

Photographer Tom Cullis (one of my faves) has taken the handsome hunk out to the beach and taken some pretty hot shots of the guy. Even though I’m usually critical of the common beach shoots I can appreciate it in this instance, he’s not falling back on all the stereotypical poses we’re used to – no shot of the guy rolling around in the surf, which while hot is so cliche it’s become ridiculous lol

Robert Barker seems to have exploded onto the scene over the last couple of months, appearing for a few photographers in some pretty hot and horny shoots. I guess once one of them picked him up for a shoot word got out and everyone else wanted in.

I think we can see why, he’s a handsome and buff fitness model who really knows how to show off for the cameras. Now all we need is some nudity from the guy and we’ll be adoring fans forever.

Enjoy him, leave a comment, let me know what you guys think. Do you want more? (Okay, that was a silly question)

ripped-hottie-robert-barker-shows-off-for-modus-vivendi-1 ripped-hottie-robert-barker-shows-off-for-modus-vivendi-2 ripped-hottie-robert-barker-shows-off-for-modus-vivendi-3 ripped-hottie-robert-barker-shows-off-for-modus-vivendi-4 ripped-hottie-robert-barker-shows-off-for-modus-vivendi-5 ripped-hottie-robert-barker-shows-off-for-modus-vivendi-6

Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+30 rating, 32 votes)
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