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Who Wouldn’t Love To See Valentin Bonett Oil Those Muscles?

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Hey guys! Happy May! It’s time to check out new hotties on Thousands of them are joining every day and here is one guy we’re madly in love with.

Valentin Bonett has been on for more than a year. He’s a ripped stud who loves getting seductive. His popularity on live gay porn has earned him a party chat show happening this month.

Here’s how he describes his upcoming show:

“I really like exploring new adventures, touching my skin with a little oil, putting on a good show with my muscles for you and also making you feel comfortable is my specialty.”

The performance will happen on Sunday, May 26 at 4 a.m. EST.

Valentin is a knockout, especially when it comes to his fetishes. Some of them include humiliation, sugar daddies, feathers, and ticklers.

Here’s what fans have said about his private shows:

“This guy is simply amazing. Great in private. One of the best ever. Perfect body and smile. You won’t regret taking him to a private show. He is perfect.”

“Handsome face, beautiful smile, great body, pleasing personality, and a monster cock. What’s not to love? Valentin also does a big cum show.”

“Just had a show with Valentin. Hot and sweet, just like a sausage. And what a sausage! Definitely will enjoy more time in his room!”

Get your private show with Valentin on!

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10 days ago

And the muscle between his legs!

5 days ago

le show doit valoir son pesant de monnaies : il a des facettes comme un diamant