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Taylor Phillips Is The Hottest Gay Male Model In The World

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You can fight me on this if you like, but I'm gonna insist Taylor Phillips is the hottest gay male model.

We've only seen him here on the blog three times in the past, and that is clearly not enough.

His first time here back in April 2017 had me wanting more, but I will admit his appearances have been sporadic.

He's a busy guy. Taylor isn't just a male model, he's a the founder and digital creator of GoodPark NYC, a clothing brand with positive vibes.

He's also an online creator and influencer (I hate that word) and he seems to be pretty good at it.

We're here mostly because he's gorgeous, but it's good to know there's a decent and kind person behind it, too. That definitely makes a guy like him even more attractive, right?

He is married, so you can lament the fact that such a gorgeous man is off the market.

Still, we get to enjoy this gorgeous gay male model showing off for some photographers. We can also hope that we get to see a hell of a lot more of him in the coming year.

I don't know how old he is, but I think he was in college in 2015 so I guess he's in his early 30s now. He's still got a lot of time to pose for a lot of photographers :)

Enjoy him, leave a comment and hit the thumbs-up button. Have a fantastic day!

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+34 rating, 34 votes)
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