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Our First Look At Handsome Brazilian Male Model Felipe Gomes

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We do love our handsome Brazilian male model dudes. I'm surprised this is the first time we're seeing Felipe Gomes here at Gay Body Blog.

I get the feeling we should have known about him sooner.

We've seen a lot of gorgeous guys from that part of the world. If you happen to live there can you leave a comment and let us know if most guys in the region are this hot? It seems like they are lol

I mention how my visit to Spain convinced me most young men there are stunning. Is it the same in Brazil?

So what can I tell you about Felipe Gomes?

He's a handsome Brazilian model and TV personality. I want to say he was a contestant on something but I don't think it was Big Brother.

There must be a dozen other shows, but which one he was part of is a mystery.

Believe it or not I did some in-depth research for this guy :)

Well, I tried to.

He considers himself a digital creator and lives in São Paulo.

I suppose that's a better term for "influencer", right? I mean, I don't think he makes YouTube videos or anything like that so I'm just guessing.

Whatever he does other than modeling I'm not sure many will care. He's a handsome Brazilian male model who looks hot in his underwear. Do we need anything else?

Enjoy him, leave a comment and hit the thumbs-up button.

Have a great Monday!

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12 days ago

les Brésiliens et leur pays me font rêver alors celui ci à part le cigare, quoique un bon Havane ….

Terrance Coyne
Terrance Coyne
5 days ago

so lets see his genitals!