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Nude Male Actors Who Got Hard On Camera

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Boys love their toys, and some don’t mind sharing. Actors are finding new ways to push themselves for their roles, including showing off not just their manhood, but their excited, erect, throbbing manhood. Today we’re delivering the best ever erections shown in cinema. Why did we scour thousands of frontal shots to bring you the ones with the biggest erections? Because we don’t mind doing things that are hard. 

Jesse LaVercombe may look like your cute mild mannered coworker, but he has a beast of a cock, and we actually see it throbbing up and down with excitement in Violation.

See Jesse LaVercombe’s full scene here

 A ton of real porn stars show off their famous hard-ons in the documentary Kink. 

In Greek Pete, both Peter Pittaros and Lewis Wallis get so excited while fooling around they grow raging hard cock and rub them together.

See the full Greek Pete scene here

Anders Rydning stuns with his full frontal slow-motion run in Pornopung, but he tops himself when he casually struts across the room with his huge boner bouncing around.

Francesco Casale’s veiny, uncut member points directly at the camera in The Voyeur. Doesn’t that thing know that it’s rude to stare?

There’s a chance that you’ve already checked out Juan Carlos Maldonado’s incredible real masturbation scenes in The Prince.

Kookie Ryan and Papou tag team Charlotte Gainsbourg in Nymphomaniac: Vol. II.

Speaking of Nymphomaniac, in Vol. I Shia LaBeouf proved that he’s an actor with nothing to hide. He gets visibly excited on camera during an intense make-out. 

See Shia LaBeouf’s full scene here

Martin Hedman was a young twink when he allowed the camera to get up close and personal with his huge cock in Kärlekens språk 2000. He wins the erection award!

See Martin Hedman’s full scene here

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Jay Denton
Jay Denton
22 days ago

A hard man is good to find