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Raw Muscle Buddies Fuck Out Some Loads!

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So I was wondering what hardcore gay porn scene would hit your buttons and I decided this new scene from Jawked with a couple of raw muscle buddies would hit the spot.

Now, you know how I feel about massage videos. There's a lot of them these days. It seems studios are running out of ways to get their guys into the action.

This is another one of those, but thankfully they don't dwell on it for too long. As quickly as the pretext has started it's over and they're sucking dick and eating ass :)

You might have seen both of these guys before around here. We have the powerful tanned hunk Roque Rems teaming up with burly muscle hunk Malik Tobias, and they make an excellent team.

When Malik arrived I knew he was going to be a popular bottom and he hasn't let the fans down.

Roque is one of those domineering men who really likes to work up a sweat with his topping, so you can expect a good show from the big guy while he's pounding that beefy ass.

Check out some pics below and click here for the full video. I know all the fans of hot raw muscle buddies are gonna splooge good to this one :)

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