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More Of Hot And Hairy Daddy Kirill Strunnikov

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He's our favorite hot and hairy daddy, and we'll likely never get bored of seeing him here.

Of course I'm talking about Kirill Strunnikov.

This sexy man seems to be working a lot lately. At least once a month I'm seeing a great new shoot featuring him. This time it's Mew Photography taking the snaps and delivering the deliciousness.

I think we've established that this hot and hairy daddy has a specific style, right?

It seems all of his shoots involve him posing in just his underwear.

Obviously he knows what his best assets are, and it seems the photographers he works with are well aware of that, too.

He's handsome, he's well built, he's just hairy enough, and he has a great bulge.

Will we ever see him fully naked? I think we probably will, eventually. He's very sexuy and sensual in all of his shoots and he has been a bit of a tease in most of them.

I think he just needs to find the right photographer and the right project for it.

You can be sure I'm gonna be waiting for that nude post. The day it arrives in my emails I'll be sharing it here asap :)

Enjoy this handsome daddy once again, leave a comment and hit the thumbs-up button. Have a great Saturday and I'll see you back here tomorrow for more :)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+8 rating, 10 votes)
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1 month ago

Beautiful! face, ass and with underwear Three stars

1 month ago

Even if he never goes full monty, no complaints here!