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Gorgeous Jock Top Devin Pounds Bottom Jake

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I probably don't need to tell you again just how much I fucking LOVE gorgeous jock top Devin Franco.

There aren't many gay porn stars who I really have a thing for. Most are just hot, and I like what they do, but there are a few who really stand out and impress me.

Devin is definitely one of them.

If he wasn't in gay porn I can totally imagine him being a massively successful male model. He looks like he could be one, right?

I guess we should be thankful that he decided to do this instead :)

He's joined by sexy Jake Klerin for this new video from Hot House.

It's an almost romantic start, with Devin watching his pal in the shower while he enjoys a soak and a cock stroke in the tub.

Of course it can't be limited to just a show and jack off.

Jake joins his friend in the tub and with some dick slurps and hole licks Devin is soon pounding that hot little ass with his juicy dong.

You'll want to stick around for the gooey finish if you love seeing a gorgeous jock top taking a creamy load in the mouth!

Click here for the full video while I go and spend a little while contemplating what it would be like to hook up with Devin :)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+7 rating, 15 votes)
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Um Brasileiro
Um Brasileiro
1 month ago

Adoro (⁠◕⁠દ⁠◕⁠)

26 days ago

What a thrill to imagine being there with them and joining in!