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Teasing Muscle Man Johnny Donovan Tempts Us In Underwear

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This is actually not the first time we've seen this teasing muscle man, but he was being far more hardcore and horny the last time we enjoyed him.

That was back in 2020, and it's fair to say Johnny Donovan has changed quite a bit in that time.

He's a little more muscled, a little more mature looking, and a little more beardy. Personally I love the changes, but I would appreciate it more if he was getting that lovely dick out again :)

He's posing for photographer Iván Ávila for this shoot and doing a very good job of it.

It's one of those examples of the cross-over between adult and mainstream. He's not showing off too much, but there's no doubt a heavy sexual motivation for these poses and pics.

I actually don't know if this was intended to sell underwear, because there's a varied mix of brands.

Then again, do you really need an excuse to be taking photos of this teasing muscle man?

He could be painting a wall beige and I would still be interested in his sexy poses lol

Enjoy the pics and leave a comment if you want to see more. I'm gonna add him to my list to check out again anyway. I wonder how much "mainstream" photography work he's done.

Have a great Monday!

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Um brasileiro
Um brasileiro
21 days ago

Ousadia e alegria (⁠っ⁠˘⁠з⁠(⁠˘⁠⌣⁠˘⁠ ⁠)

20 days ago

Those thighs, that bulging unit – my heart is thumping – my bone stirring. When will he show what he’s got packed away there?

14 days ago

un peu trop “chatouille moi pour que je rie “