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Southern Jock Model Bryce Chapman Bulging Out!

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Damn, we're gonna need to see a lot more of this Southern jock model after this first look at the guy.

Bryce Chapman dropped into my emails this morning and I admit I spent far too long just enjoying his handsome face before moving on to discover him bulging in his underwear.

Then I saw that pic of his lovely butt on display and I was even more hooked :)

This tall drink of Ice Tea is 21, 220 lbs and 6'4"

He also happens to be damn sexy.

Information is limited, but I did as much digging as I could and it seems he might be new to the male modeling business. He's posed for some great photographers already, even though he only seems to have been out there online as a model for a few months.

We can see why, though.

If you were a photographer you'd want to snap pics of this handsome man in and out of his undies.

He's so good looking, and he has a great body. The fact that he's comfortable posing in his underwear, and out of it too, is definitely a bonus.

Dare I predict we're going to be seeing more of him this year? I'm willing to bet he's probably got a few more photographers lined up to work with him. I can think of several I would like to see deliver pics of this guy.

I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more from this southern jock model.

Leave a comment below and hit the thumbs-up button! Have a fantastic Friday ;)

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+25 rating, 29 votes)
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Um brasileiro
Um brasileiro
24 days ago

Sensacional ♡⁠(⁠>⁠ ⁠ਊ⁠ ⁠<⁠)⁠♡

J.A. Fludd
24 days ago

Stunning. I wish we could have seen what fell out when he took off those briefs.

21 days ago

one star because but the white ass si not the best we saw