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Hung Straight Top Vincent Gives Stephen The Workout He Needs

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I'm quite comfortable describing Vincent Castle as a hung straight top.

You know how sometimes you can just tell when a dude in porn is straight? He gave me those vibes from the moment he arrived to show off his big untact cock.

I ain't complaining about it! Unlike some porn fans I'm not a purist. If a horny straight lad wants to suck cock and fuck ass on video I'm not gonna complain about it.

You know who else isn't complaining? Stephen Angel.

The handsome muscled stud is easily seducing his younger pal in this new video from Jawked. He's not being subtle about it. He attempts to lure his friend with some sexy stretches, but ends up basically climbing on him before the lad gives in.

This hung straight top isn't the kind of boy to miss out on a good opportunity.

With Stephen slurping on his big drooling dong the boy is ready to try returning the favor. That's when you can tell he's really not used to sucking dick.

Still, like most straight lads who try it, his cock won't quit. He's obviously enjoying it a little more than you might expect.

He definitely prefers jabbing that big dong in Stephen's ass, though.

It seems Stephen agrees :)

Enjoy some of the pics and click here to see this boy putting that big boner to good use.

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (-4 rating, 10 votes)
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7 days ago

cruel manque d’envie des deux modèles