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We Need More Of Australian Muscle Stud Benji Condie

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Aussie men are so damn hot, and I think we agree Australian muscle stud Benji Condie needs to be on our list of guys to check in with regularly.

We've actually been seeing quite a few Aussie guys on the blog lately.

Despite what you might think it's not because I'm chasing them down on the Internet lol

It makes a nice change to see them popping up with regularity. For the longest time it was rare to see an Aussie in a mainstream modeling shoot. I think mostly it's because it takes so long to get there most brands just reuse international marketing.

I guess when you consider the costs, it probably makes more sense to skip that localization they often do in Europe, Asia, Canada, USA etc.

I'm glad to see some progress on this, because there are so many absolutely gorgeous men down under, and this guy is one of them.

He's showing off his sexy stuff for photographer Brandon Matthews in this shoot for the Teamm8 brand in sunny Sydney.

We don't know much about this Australian muscle stud at the moment, but we know he looks damn fine in those sexy undies.

We wouldn't complain if he decided to slip out of them for another shoot. And in fact we might get that eventually, considering most Aussie guys aren't shy at all when it comes to getting naked.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed for that!

In the meantime, enjoy his handsome man, his lovely body and these sexy pics. Let me know in the comments if you want more of him :)

Have a great Friday!

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Um brasileiro
Um brasileiro
1 month ago

Vou comprar umas cuecas dessas (⁠♡⁠ω⁠♡⁠ ⁠)⁠ ⁠~⁠♪

1 month ago

très beau porteur de slip donc cela me ravit, mais une vue de sa chute de reins de dos ,eut été la cerise sur le “délicieux gateau”