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The Hot Nude Scenes In Wandering Heart

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The explicit gay movie Wandering Heart is about a gay man named Santiago (actor Leonardo Sbaraglia) suffering from empty nest syndrome after his teenage daughter moves out of the house. Sparking somewhat of a midlife crisis, Santiago deals with his strong feelings in the sexiest way possible - by having sex with a bunch of men over the course of one wild summer. Let’s call it his Eat Ass, Pray, Love moment. 

So why are we loving Wandering Heart? Because of all the explicit sex. Santiago attends an orgy, finds himself sandwiched between an older man (Tuca Andrada) and a younger man (Diogo Almeida) during a playful and sexy threesome, drunkenly singing with his cock out by the pool, and more. Check out some of our favorite moments from Wandering Heart here, and make sure to check out the full (very) NSFW scenes HERE.

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Thumbs DownThumbs Up (+5 rating, 13 votes)
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Um brasileiro
Um brasileiro
2 months ago

Filme bom pra sessão da tarde (⁠•⁠ө⁠•⁠)⁠♡